Each branch of our company is perfectly coordinated with the headquarters, where all the aspects of the logistics are planned in an integrated way: packaging, transportation and necessary export documents.
For every order, we find the custom-made solution that minimizes costs. We also organize consolidated shipments to offer a cheaper option when transporting smaller quantities.
We have selected and reliable partners for shipments by air, sea and land: we can guarantee maximum safety and punctuality even for the most urgent deliveries.
Goods are constantly monitored from the production plant to the final destination, where the delivery is planned according to customer requirements and in compliance with the specific standards of each industry and the legislation of the various countries.

Packaging Management

Shipments management is fully organized by Vycom that plan delivery and follow every step of logistic path. Packaging could be completely customised including vectorial bars or special packages.

international document management

Documents are fully managed in order to reach any destination in the world considering market field, international and local laws for transit and destination countries.

cargo management

We internally organize groupage shipments in order to reduce transport costs also for small batches . We assign one single figure for the whole logistic process, so our customer will have a clear reference person.

delivery on time

Our logistic structure is organised in order to reach the delivery on time.
For fast shipments we select specific couriers that grant delivery on requested time.